empty image6 hours

Nightlife tour

  • $50- $200

Uganda is famous for many things from its Silverback Gorillas to the breathtaking source of the Nile River. But did you know that it also has a reputation for being the best nightlife in all of East Africa? If you’re looking to party like a local, learn some new dance moves, and try the many varieties of Ugandan beer, we’ve got you covered. We now offer a Kampala pub crawl expertly guided by Ugandans with a thumb on the true pulse of the Pearl of Africa’s best nocturnal hotspots. Our guides accompany you from 9:30 pm to 3 am, showing you the most vibrant places and best-kept secrets of the capital city’s nightlife. We cater to any group size of 4 and above, so let us know when you want to party!

empty image1-2 days

Jinja - source of the nile

  • $60-$200

Jinja is a town near Kampala that is perfect for both the adventurer and naturalist. We offer day tours to Jinja, which cover the following activities; Finding the source of the world’s longest river was one of the great prizes for early British explorers, and in this one-hour boat ride, we take you to the river’s origin, which eluded the early travelers for so many decades. The trip also offers a great chance for birders to spot some of the region’s most distinctive winged creatures. Finally, for the adventurer interested in a dose of adrenaline, we can also arrange some high octane activities like Whitewater rafting on the Nile River, ziplining in the Mabira forest, and Bungee jumping from one of the Nile’s bridges

empty image4 - 6 hours

Food tour

  • $30-$60

The tour for foodies and amateurs alike. Experience the richness of Ugandan cuisine and its locally grown products. We know that travelers are sometimes skeptical of consuming local food because of fear of sickness or sanitation. All of the restaurants and vendors visited to confirm the highest of health standards, and are continuously verified by Kampala Walking Tours to ensure this is the case. Also, if you have any food allergies, please inform us before the tour, so we can advise you.

empty image6-10 hours

Slams tour

  • $30

Almost 70% of Kampala residents live in its slam areas

empty image2- 6 hours

Photography tour

  • $30-$60

Walter knows all the great places for photography and we can also plan more with you. It all depends on you and what you like.

empty image2-6 hours

Famous kampala city tour

  • $25-$50

Discover Kampala on the back of a boda in a unique and interesting way. We were the first of a kind in Africa and still the only reputable motor-cycle tour company. Traveling on a motorcycle immerses you in the city, there is no window frame between you and the world. You smell the smells and see the sights. African cities can be full of interesting sites and activities not mentioned in the regular tourist brochures. But traffic is a problem, so you'll need an urban exploration vehicle called “boda boda” with a local expert called Walter. Kenya Airways magazine ranked Walter's Boda Tour the 36th out of 100 top unforgettable experiences in the world!

empty image2- 6 hours

Shopping tour

  • $20-$40

Kampala is home to several vibrant marketplaces/bazaars, selling everything under the sun. We visit: African Exposure: At this market, you can find handcrafted items of every type and size from bags and bowls to paintings and masks. The area is also well known for its distinctive jewelry offerings. East African Market: Similar to African Exposure, this bazaar showcases the works of artisans from not just Uganda but all over East Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo. To get a great cross-section of the eastern section of the continent and much more as you request